Hey all

Sorry for the delay.

The stats show that people are turning up, but there’s nothing to see of course. I will rememdy this very soon.

As much as I love blogging this will not so much be about the political topics of the day (although they will show their ugly face from time to time), in the finest tradiition of chatting over the fence, I want to make this site more of a place to voice issues other than what comes out of the Beehive.

I will be paying attention to what is going on in the Mainland and in the deep south in particular. The dear old ODT, with it’s multitude of “concerned of Kaikorai Valley” is always a source of great fun, and this will be providing much of the material for discuussion.

I will add, this will not be a boots and all slag fest as is seen in many sites. If one wants to SHOUT IN CAPITALS to others please use the multitude of other fun blogs out there to do so. I will be exercising the right to delete or edit offensive rubbish, to quote Monty Python “I came here for a good arguement – no you didn’t”.

Cheers and I look forward to seeing ya’ll real soon.


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