NZ Journalism is a stuck record

Get a 12″ of Journalism in NZ and here is the tracklist

Side One

1. Politicians

2. Dog attack

3. Politicians

4. Home Invasion

8. Out of control Teenagers

5. Interest Rates

6. Child Abuse

7. Housing Boom or Bust

8. Rugby

9. Politicians

10. Kiwi Dollar

11. Interest Rates

Side Two

1. Petrol Prices

2. Politicians

3. Stock Market

4. Rugby

5.  Road Toll

6. P

7.  Brittany / Lindsay / Paris / Nicole

8. Politicians

9. Boy racers

10. Stock Market

11. Tax Cuts

12. Petrol Prices

13. Rugby

14. Maori Bashing

15. Politicians

16. Kiwi Dollar

God I wash it was a record, because at least an editor or someone would have to physically change the record.  This is some bloody ipod playlist on permanent repeat with the charger plugged in.

I’ve only been in Vancouver for a month but surf news from home everyday.  However it’s not until you are exposed to other media that you realise how narrow our news is.  Case in point, the apparently shocking fall in the stock market recently, not even mentioned (or at least left to small columns in the financial sections) in nearly every one of the 4 newspapers I read daily, and bugger all if not mentioned at all on any of the TV news stations.  Why?  because it’s not important.

Not that I’m a particularly fond of foreign media over ours.  We have a far more international outlook that nearly every other news media I have looked at internationally.  We look to and talk about the rest of the world far more than others.  For those of you sily enough to watch Fox news will know what I am talking about.  Their take on international news is “what are americans doing overseas”.  Canada is only slightly better, but it still takes a mad cow to swing their attention elsewhere.  Not only that in our defence, we provide a good range of news topics.  In north America it seems that the human brain on this side of the equator can only handle 3-4 different news stories.  They are replayed over and over the course of the day.

But still our news organisations are depressingly narrow ad must just salivate at the latest dog attack or home invasion, and if the old dear fought off her attacker wth her handbag then Bingo what a story.

We play the politicians and not the political issue far too much (as one would say in the rugby parlance).  The only person that should be pissed off about Hone Harawera off to OZ is Ron Mark, and we don’t need to bloody well hear about it.  Do we really give a shit that Benson Pope has a nervous twitch and if John Key looked like a right johnny novice in the house the other day.  Duncan Garner and the rest of the press gallery should be forced to write a story about the country that other people outside of the Terrace in Wgtn actually gives a shit about.  If our best sports stars play for another country (al la Russell Coutts) get over it, it’s bloody professional sport.  Germans drive for the Italians, Spanish drive the Brits and Aussies just try to finish the race in F1, it’s professional sport.  I’m just so proud that he’s the best in the business.

I’m sure Duncan Garner will be able to find a twich on  Coutts’ face and seek comment form Nick Smith about it.

Final comment, how absolutely appallingly bad was the news in the  herald the other day about the lack of discipline in schools causing out of control children.  It was nothing more that the laziest paid political broadcast on behalf of a wacko retro revivalist religious organisation seeking to put women back in pinnies in the kitchen, boys and girls in their place and elevate the status of the father to some sort of deity that must be the head of the household.  It should never have been written, it should have had better editorial scrutiny (he says pleading for an editor), and should never had included the one comment “a school principal says”.  Who, why where when in what context, to answer which question.  Sad sad sad journalism.

Mind you we allow Ian Wishart to continue practicing in this country, that says something about how bad we have become.


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