Here we bloody well go again…

 “National to scrap cap on GPs’ fees”

Mr Ryall said no one could guarantee GP charges would not go up but he did not believe New Zealanders would pay more.

Mr Key said it would be up to “the market” and if doctors charged too much “then probably someone will go down the road”.

Are these not the same words regurgitated from the market rents for state housing bollocks of the failed former 4th National Govt?

What a load of utter crap.  These sad old policies have been tried and failed miserably – possibly the only politician alive to believe this crap is GW Bush and we all know what a fuck up that man is.

I’m guessing this is only the tip of the cesspit that will be right wing conservative policy over the next while.  How fucking boring, and here I was hoping that something interesting might evolve out of the brains trust that is National?  Ha bloody ha.



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4 responses to “Here we bloody well go again…

  1. Policy Parrot

    Hey, I haven’t seen you posting much.

    Its good to have another person on board who can see through the lies of the National Party.

    Concerned of Linwood, as in Chch? Gotta get that local body vote out – 2021 across the ticket!


  2. Policy P.

    I’m actually meant to be on holiday in Vancouver, so I really can’t be arsed ranting and raving kiwi politics unless it’s something that of course gets the RED bloody a little riled.

    Yes Linwood of CHCh, but voting in Dunedin, wow are pickings slim there. There’s only one left nominee that supports the stadium. Which as I see it is one great (no not last) chance to give Dunners a kick up it’s sleepy little butt.

    I intend to keep it up as much as possible, but as I have 4 blogs to maintain, I try to forget about “The War is Over” Key.

  3. haha, you are an idiot. except it’s not really that funny considering the anti-market attitude of dickheads like you are the reason NZ is in such a state of shit.

  4. jk

    Isn`t National GREAT!!!!

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