Thank Christ!!!

Not wanting to be proud off possibly the poorest display of photoshop (un)wizardry ever, but you get the gist.

John and Yoko

I spent all yesterday telling everyone i know in Vancouver that the “War is over”. They were amazed that John Key got to tell the news instead of Mr Bush. Mind you that silly arse told the world last week that Mandella was dead.

NB: As an aside, someone was trolling through YouTube straight after I put this up (just so as I could link it here), and some bugger was giving me a hard time, saying I was denegrating John Lennon with “shame shame shame”.  I tried to point out that for me the juxtaposing faces of John Key with Yoko’s was as priceless as his stupidity – he makes her look interesting.



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2 responses to “Thank Christ!!!

  1. Nice work. Linked to you over at The Standard.

  2. Hey Tane,

    thanks for that, it was a quick hash job, but you get the point.

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