2c worth – RWC

First of all,

I must say it’s bloody hard getting into a game when you are walking around the tourist parts of Seattle gettting minute by minute txt updates from my buddies back home.  But that’s part of the reason I am posting.  I am so bloody happy that I am on the other side of the world today, where Ice Hockey is king (but doesn’t command/dominate the media like rugby).  I doubt if there was one other person at the Pike Pl market in Seattle this Saturday afternoon who would have even known there was a game on.

Still here’s my two cents worth from what I’ve seen from the TV3 news coverage on the web site.

1) It was forward, it drifted about 2m if you slow the video down a frame at a time (video challenges time?).

2) Perhaps a penalty, probably not even a penalty, but a sending off.  If it was sending off material it should have been a penalty try?

3) team selection.  Aaron Mauger not even on the bench and Chris Jack coming off the bench.

4) That stupid fucking conditioning program.  I stated at the time I thought it was a joke.  How do you get a guy super fit in Feb for a competition in Sept/Oct?  Answer is you don’t do you.  Did Steve Gurney peak for his multiple coast to coast victories as early as june the year before.   the conditioning program made a farce out of the super 14 and of course decimated the NPC (or whatever its called now).

5) Paddy O’Brien, half right.  Yes NZ get over yourself, but no he made two crucial fuck ups and that is the simple fact. If Paddy is happy with that performance then world rugby better settle for mediocre refs and results from now on.
6) IRB: Also what the hell is the IRB doing giving the test to that guy.  28 and only a half dozen tests to date.  I don’t care if he’s Lewis Bloody Hamilton – he doesnt’ have the experience that other refs do.

What I’d love to see come out of this is now

A) No more reconditioning programs

b) Super 14 every other year

c) and thus a full tour in the middle year.

d) no end of year tours.  Let the bloody players recondition with the traditional down time.

so a 4 year cycle would be

Super 14
Tour – with midweek games (dirt trackers)

The return to the traditional full 6 week tours with 3 tests and mid week games.  When was the last time the Abs played at Mendonza or in the Valleys boy-o?

I would also like to see the end of the gullible public and even more pathetically obedient if not star struck media.  Rugby commands too much time of the sports journalists time and thus the kiwi sports psyche.  It’s just too dammed unhealthy.

Can someone estimate how much of a financial hit TV3 will take now that the ABs are out and who really gives a shit any more?

Personally, I’d like to see the team that beat us will the world cup, my heart also says Scotland (but there isn’t a well intentioned alignment of stars in all the galaxies that would enable this to happen).  So go france and good bye conditioning program, and hello proper tours.

As much as Im gutted we lost, I am so happy I’m not in NZ now.


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