“I’m Brian”, “Me too”, “I’m Brian and so is my wife”…


may I say how bloody disappointed I am to have been in Vancouver during the recent Police terrorism raids, I’m sure with all of the emails I’ve been shooting around the place, I must surely be a terrorist.  Still I do still have to re-enter the country, I might be lucky enough to be on a list.  Cool.

What a sad day for NZ and how bloody embarrasing that our police (already under the kosh for doing their impersonation of Catholic Priests and closing ranks to hide all of the crap that goes on behind the blue line), tries to pull the “country should be worried” raids.  Mind you , how proud of them am I.  I mean going into Waikaremoana and finding people in camo with guys.  That’s about as difficult as finding a boy racer in CHCH.

But then to draw the worlds media attention to this sad matter.  How embarrassing was it to open the local paper in Vancouver to see NZ and home grown terrorism in the same heading.

But then the Police really crowned themselves in glory with issuing a little black book of “student rioters’ from the Dunners Undie 500 recently.  Again, bugger why wasn’t I there.  Still I could put my hand up as a sympathizer, which will probably get me nabbed at the Auckland immigration booth.  Once again how bloody pathetic.  Mind you I thought they would have hung, drawn and quatered the first of the offenders by now, after all they terrorised the locals.


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