Mallard – Really?

Of course I’m gonna have a view on this one.

One of the rights bully boys is finally stood up to and he’s the victim?  WTF?

Ok Ok Ok, Mallard should not have done what he did, but it is no surprise to me that it was Tau that got Ducked (excuse the bad pun).  He’s a complete tosser.  There is a difference between him and Brash with the marriage, but to add to that the death of his dad, Mallard should have been on a break any way.  The difference between Brash and Mallard, is that Mallard never tried to preach to the people and claim to be hollier than thou.

What a pathetic side show, and somehow that arsehole Tau gets all the sympathy?

I’ve seen the usual suspects on the right try the “dish it out, but can’t take it” line.  What weak lame analysis.  But then that’s the level of analysis on the right these days.  Then of course the twats from family first (if there ever was an oxymoron) collective of sad bastards having a go.  Very very very unclassy.  But then these guys think it’s ok to hit a child.

So for my two cents worth.  Keep his positions and lets focus on what an arse Tau is, lets all pick on the guy who’s lost his marriage and his dad.


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