Who the hell does Family First think it is?

First they want to retain the ability to inflict violence upon kids then they want to police what I watch on TV. These moralistic bastards are narrow minded hypocrites, and I debated long and hard wether to even post a comment on them. However if we allow freakoid special interest groups to ride over us, we have no one to blame when we suddenly look in the mirror one day and we are all curtailing to their narrow view of the world.

I have no problem what so ever if a company doesn’t want to be associated with the show Californication through advertising. That is the freedom they have in a democracy, however I have concern after concern about Family first and their campaign.

Why this show? Pure and simply because god was involved. So after centuries of Priests buggering little boys, we get a few seconds of a Nun giving a blow job and Bob McCoskrie gets all hot and bothered.

I now hope that he has the time and effort to have a go at all the violent shows on TV now. His claims that he was trying to clean up TV is a noble and huge task, however I do dearly doubt that he has any intention of approaching advertisers who’s product is pimped during any shows that regularly show murders and other despicable violent acts. It’s all about SEX. SEX SEX SEX. (shhh does Bob McCoskrie know that David Duchovony has a huge Porn collection?)

If he really wants to clean up TV, I could suggest that any number of shows every single night of the year could also be targeted. But as that is too hard a task, and there really isn’t any sound bite media exposure in it, he won’t. He won’t pursue anyone, if he does great, but he won’t.

They are hypocrites, and they are not my bloody censor. I don’t watch the show, for the simple reason is that I don’t care much for it. But I sure as hell don’t want him and his merry band of god botherers telling me what can and can’t be on TV.

Argh why did I bite, what a waste of time. I just hope that if you get an email from ‘the censors’ to boycott companies that you do what I did and bin it.



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2 responses to “Californication

  1. Max Call,858,

    check out David Haywoods contribution to PAS ‘Word of the Year’ competition – I think you will appreciate it 🙂

  2. Max

    thanks for the hat tip, I’ll repost it.

    The state of simultaneously lobbying for two contradictory outcomes.
    Common examples:
    1. Marching to support freedom of speech while simultaneously lobbying for increased censorship.
    2. Condemning child abuse while simultaneously offering support to people who beat their kids.

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