The Usual bloody suspects

are rolled out every time a lazy or careless reporter needs a sound bite or quote.

You see it time and time again, and in this case it’s dear old Bob McCroskie of that most nation building of institutions Family First. The first conviction for hitting a child was passed down today, and although I’m uncomfortable with it, it has to be. Besides it’s suspension and if the dad doesn’t hit the child again, nothing comes of it.

But Bob and his merry band of doom crusaders predicts that this is the beginning of the end for ‘good’ parents. What a tosser. A parent who hits their child isn’t a good parent.

But it’s always the same isn’t it, Family First, The Sensible Sentencing Trust or any other number of minority interest groups, who quite frankly have bugger all to do with the well being of this nation.

Any reporter with the gall or the talent wouldn’t resort to giving these people the time of day. They are irrelevant and divisive for this nation.

Bt then don’t start me on the media in NZ, that’s for another post.


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