This is brillant

This should be done in NZ for the next election, it is so simple it is brilliant.


Candidate match game

About the game
Polls suggest Americans are concerned primarily with a few key issues in the 2008 presidential election. USA TODAY researched candidate positions on those top issues — Iraq, immigration and health care — as well as a few others that may influence the election. We then came up with 11 multiple-choice questions that would help differentiate the candidates and their stances.

As you answer the questions, you can roll over each color bar below the candidates’ heads to find background on their positions. Your answers are matched with the positions of the presidential hopefuls to reveal the candidate (or candidates) closest to your views. The sliders on the right allow you to assign relative weights to match the importance that you place on each issue.

USA TODAY welcomes your feedback. Let us know in the comments below how you fared, which candidate aligns with you and how you liked the game.

This is it on it’s own.

have fun


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One response to “This is brillant

  1. Happy

    That is a great link though I am a little concerned that the top two for me came out to be the two leading democrats!

    Good to see another cantab from the East side cares about political issues.

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