Tagging is not a death sentence.

Late on a Saturday evening in Manurewa a young 15 year old boy was stupidly out tagging. Confronted by someone apparently angry at the tagging, an argument ensued which resulted in the death by stabbing of the young boy. This is allegedly how the facts have played out. Tragic!

However (not quite as tragic) but somewhat more disturbing is how this has been played out in the local and national news media. Many radio commentators and ‘concerned’ citizens have turned this into tagging resulted in his death.


Regardless how hideous the problem is in Auckland and other parts of the country, you do not deserve to have a 50 something ‘businessman’ to confront you with something that you are ultimately stabbed, resulting in your all-too brief life ended.

The media commentators and right wing hacks that have turned this on their head, need to hang their heads in shame. I question their screwed up logic that tagging is somehow the cause of the death?

Pathetic Journalism, once again if you have nothing to say, SHUT UP.


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