The National Party Hates People #1-08

I would love to have been in the meeting where the bitter and twisted buggers that pervade the corridors of the National Party came up with this little gem.

“Parents of young offenders will also be made to undergo courses to address household problems that lead their children into lives of crime, with community work or fines for those who refuse”

The National party today outlined it’s youth justice plan, which is of course filled with all of the stirring rhetoric of the ‘good ole days’ (whenever they were). The sad thing is the group of policy makers that came up with this little gem must have such a narrow experience of society that one would have thought that at least someone would have though “christ I know someone where this happened and it wasn’t the parents fault”.

I know a family in which a kid went right off the rails, and despite the parents best intentions, from a solid working family with 3 other ‘normal’ kids. Their eldest ended up in Jail for 6 months, through no fault of the parents what so ever. So are those parents to undergo the ‘national’ correctional training, and if they refuse do they then become entangled in the criminal justice system?

I’ve heard some ridiculous arguments against the so called anti-smacking bill, in which it was claimed that ‘good’ parents would become criminals. So suddenly the party that advocates less govt in our lives is wanting to get further into the lives of those it has no place. In this case a normal family with a tragic eldest son would become criminals, because I would sure as hell refuse to undergo any ‘national correctional’ training.

It never ceases to amaze me the narrow view of society that our Tories manage to draw policy from, however as this comes from the man that last year labelled a street in South Auckland as a national disgrace, regardless of the fact that actual human beings lived there – whom all got the idea straight away, that National and John Key hated them.

Still I will give this man some credit, in that he is at least brave enough to actually release policy before an election, unlike he predecessor who believed that a no policy approach would less likely damage the party.

In a side note, once again brickbat to the journalist neutrality/integrity/simplicity to be found in NZ.

In the article covering the release of the National Party policy on youth crime this gem of a sentence was found

Mr Key’s speech … ensured to strike a nerve with voters after a weekend spate of stabbings by teenagers

The problem with this is that one of the two fatal stabbings in South Auckland was by a 50 year old Auckland Businessman. Also whom is this ensured to strike a nerve with? Well me for one in that I am astounded at the narrow mindedness of National Policy makers. But I’m sure those of the insanity sentencing trust would love this hard line approach.


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