You Wanker Barry Corbert! Resign now!

Your arrogant white middle aged upper middle class tosser. How dare you make such inflammatory and reprehensible remarks regarding the murder of a young 15 year old boy in Auckland.

For those who don’t know a former radio host from CHCH whom now sits as a representative of the people on the city council, yesterday remarked that the 50 year old man that killed a boy for allegedly tagging on a fence should in Mr Corbert’s words “get away with it”

Admitting he didn’t know the full facts of the case he still went on to say, and stand by the following comments.

“”If I was on the jury, I would let him get away with it, but that is just me”
“Everyone is feeling sorry for the kid and his family, but if the kid was not tagging, he would still be alive.””

I know that the fear ridden lynch mobs that sit glued to talk radio will no doubt support these comments, there is a very ugly underbelly in NZ, where is seems that it is OK to kill those whom you consider not worthy of life – you know the kind, the petty criminals, the litterers, the jay walkers, the skate boarders, the skinheards, the gays, the jews… Where does it stop Executioner Corbert.

Where does it stop, and what council would still allow this asehole to continue to sit on it’s benches is beyond me. If I was still a resident I would be on the streets now demanding this man be removed from office as lynch mobs are reserved for the history books and his attitude should not be that of a representative of the people.

You repugnant bastard, your words belittle your position of responsibility. You quite literally are a disgrace.

See that smile, those pearly whites – wouldn’t hurt a fly, seems he condones the killing of young boys on the streets though.


You add nothing to the debate on crime, yet fuel the flames of hatred and distain and hence are a waste of space.

Shame, Shame, Shame!!!


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