Herald’s love affair with National #1-08

So apart from actively seeking to rid labour from office with it’s pathetic over dramatic end-of-the-free-world editorials over the election finance bill’s introduction, their love affair and willingness to print any drivel about National seemingly knows no bounds.

Today if you are silly enough to read this increasingly painful newspaper, you will be delighted to read a lovely little story by Claire Trevett, which is nothing more than a party political broadcast on behalf the National Party, on how some of them went mountain biking and and John Key for a run.


Mountain biking! You have got to be taking the piss. This is a story – a political story? No no no. Emblazoned with a Prime Ministerial image of John Howard walking for fitness, we are now assured that when Key wins the election, that the media will be following him around on his daily runs.

So the sum total of this little gem is that some boys from the Nat caucus went mountain biking and John Key slipped out for a run.

The Herald you have won the award for the most pathetically veiled attempt at a party political broadcast.
And Claire Trevett has won the award for possibly the biggest waste of ink and paper in the recent history of journalism in NZ.

Really Mountain Biking and Running is news worthy?

Still this week Claire Trevett presented us with another ‘Party Political Broadcast’ with Simon Powers. His factually incorrect and seemingly ignorant chest beating story, about the supposed twaddle that factors other than that criminals are just bad people may exist for the reasons for crime was embarrassing. Wee are also assured that all one needs to do is “stamp out crime” – easy!

Their willingness to print anything and everything that isn’t even slightly interesting about National seems to know no bounds. I have no doubt soon there will be a nice cuddly story about Mr Key at home in his smoking chair reading the Herald on Sunday as a way of relaxing.


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