Tagging de-jour

So just as they have managed to do with;

Dog attacks
Home Invasions

Tagging is the media story de-jour.

After the tragic murder of a young boy in Auckland by allegedly a over zealous resident, we wake to the news this morning that taggers are involved in more crime.

This time they have managed to combine the medias two fav stories of the week, the Wellington Sevens and tagging.

Tomorrow or the next day I am sure we will wake to the news that there has been another incident involving taggers. After years of sticking to paint and walls, it seems that our taggers are progressing their anti-social behaviour.

Well that’s the story we are being sold by NZ’s media. Just as it wasn’t safe to walk the streets in NZ a while back due to the rabid dogs on every corner, and it wasn’t safe to be in one’s own home due to home invasions every other day, it is now the young taggers who hold the country to ransom.

Beware Banksey might be in the country.



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