Key’s wall is giving bad face#1

I will be spending wasting some of my time looking at what’s going on over at the esteemed leaders foray into the world of social networking, just to see what Mr Key’s band of merry supporters wish from him.

Let’s start with Kim.

John; thanks for launching on the net, its great for us NZers overseas! I am a national supporter, but like to make informed votes. I was tempted by labours student loan offer last time but it wasn’t enough to justify a vote. I am from middle-class NZ & not eligible for govt help (parents earned too much but not enough to pay for my studies). I have a large student debt & this is concerning.

I hear the violins, poor middle classes, wlecome to the world sunshine. I thought you were a national supporter, why are you looking to the govt to help out your family if they are middle class? I though govt help was a no-no for the right? I have a large student debt, get over it, the bleeding middle classes. News for you sunshine, student debt isn’t going to go away with National.

I am mortified at the increasing violent crime in NZ (I live in a city in France where I can walk alone anytime of the night).

Newsflash, I walk alone any time of the night in Dunedin, ChCH, Wellington (don’t get to Auckland much). Has this same person walked in the poor parts of Paris with the huge immigrant communities and the social ills that besiege them?

Double standards for different races. Can I please call myself a NZer not a NZ european/pakeha?

Yes you can, who’s stopping you? What’s the different standards you are talking about, or is that just the whole in your bigoted head?

Tax payers $ spent carelessly. High taxes, low wages. I am paid more by the french govt for a PhD than my previous job in eng geology in NZ. A move to Australia for high wages is probable when I finish, even tho I’d love to be in NZ.

I thought that as rational self actualizing individuals that are the fine folk at National, it is your choice to follow the high incomes overseas. Your choice sunshine, no body is forcing you to work/study overseas for more money. Low wages is not the exclusive domain of the govt, and besides which, despite what National tells you, lowering taxes is inflationary, which puts pressure on the cash rate, which puts pressure on the dollar… It’s not as simple as dear old Kim wishes.


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