Key’s wall is giving bad face#2

The Lovely Naomi’s turn…

Now lets not get to down on dear old Naomi, after all she is desperately middle class, not poor or a beneficiary remember, the hard done by middle class.

Now the lovely Naomi has her middle finger raised at John like I don’t think he would like, but lets see where the classy Naomi goes with this.

It’s not fun being middle-class in New Zealand.

Come on, bottle of wine a few friends, I’m sure it isn’t all bad being middle class.

I’m sick of hearing about people sucking on the government’s tit.

You don’t like other people

I’m sick of hearing about innocent kids getting bashed.

You’ve bought into the media’s fascination with youth crime. Show me a country where this isn’t the case. I also hope you are sick of Auckland Businessmen allegedly killing for petty crime, that’s got to rate on your crime-o-meter?

I’m sick of attitudes not being fixed from a young age to weed the trash culture out, in order to bring up a peaceful youth.

You’re the one raising the middle finger to us all in your profile picture love. Again you don’t like other people

I’m sick of seeing hard working people being crushed by huge taxes when they’re trying their darned hardest to pay their mortgage.

Fair enough 50% tax for the fantastically rich in the UK is hard work, but they get over it with a nice bottle Crug my dear. But back to NZ, are we talking about the middle class here. Nice to know you have a mortgage, plenty can’t get one love.

I’m sick of unskilled immigrants ~ especially the ones involved in crime.

Again you don’t like people. Your views on the underskilled and rather inbread rural lot I know in parts of NZ?

I’m sick of re-offenders.

We get it you don’t like people.

I’m sick of Labour.

So are we my dear, they are playing the middle ground too much, time for some decent leftist policies.

I bat for the blue team.
If it turns to custard this year, I’m joining the thousands escaping to the land of drought that is Australia and hope to one day return to a functioning New Zealand.

Not that we’d wish a snake bite or spider bite on you my dear, but good riddance, we’d much more prefer people that like being here, mixing with immigrants and actively striving for a better NZ.


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