Key’s wall is giving bad face#3

Dubai Jo

As a New Zealand citizen, I am sad to see the social decline. People are not accountable for their actions in NZ and this will be the demise of the country.

Example? And then example where this isn’t the case elsewhere?

Perhaps we should stop being so pro “human rights” (in NZ if you are human you can do ANYTHING and get away with it and be paid a benefit for doing so!!) and start putting in place some real values and stricter controls in place as a lot of so-called “adults” have not been taught basic values and therefore dont have boundaries. People need to be more accountable for their actions.

So you don’t like people and you want to restrict freedoms. Key’s face is give very bad book here!

Im currently working in Dubai and its wonderful to feel safe and walk in the streets at night.

Sweetheart, walk the streets of Dunedin with me, it’s a little safer that Dubai. By the way how are the hideously underpaid and overworked immigrant labour force there, still treated like shit, like dogs. I also know people working in construction there and they wouldn’t treat their dogs the way companies treat the immigrant worker. Still keep up the illusion my dear, seems to make you happy.

Less freedoms means less social decline? Go National this is priceless.


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