Key’s wall is giving bad face#4

Fearful Kiri

fear has driven me to support a government that does not support a benefit dependent society. I am scared of the next generation, the violent crimes…

So you are scared of the next generation? Do you know something I don’t? They don’t bite the heads off chickens do they? I know the get on motorbikes and have fights with other gangs? Or do they kill people for tagging?

…and the continual breeding of children by unfit parents.

Ah the old “you need to pass MY test before YOU can become a parent” line that the right trots out from time to time. See who would have thought that that lovely man Paul Holmes would have a daughter with a serious drug conviction and subsequent breaches of bail. I thought breaches of bail was for like those bad folk from South Auckland.

But wait the gold/goodness in Kiri’s heart knows no bounds.

Women on a DPB should have to visit a WINZ office every 3 months to renew this, and be given a depo provera injection to prevent them having more unsupported children. No injection, no money. If they get a job or a financially supportive partner then they will no longer need the DPB and can have more children.

Shall we call Kiri ‘Lord God Emperor’ or ‘just ruler of all’. Wow don’t hold back my dear.

So I make that 4-0 the number of Key supporters that down right hate people are full of fear. They don’t listen to talk radio do they?


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