key’s wall is giving bad face#6


There will be so much to do especially repealling some of the PC and nanny state laws that have been foisted on the people of NZ by the loony greens and Labou.

So you don’t like people Marie, fair enough, keep it to yourself love. PC please explain what you mean by that? The most overused term by the right, with vacuous meaning.

I’m sure there is a large number of New Zealanders who will urge a National Government to hold a referendum on the continuation of MMP.

Not sure there my dear, National bought the thing in.

Without doubt MMP would be resoundly revoked and the real people of NZ will see a clean out of useless and expensive politcal parties and the misfits who have never been voted into Parliament.

So you don’t like people other than yourself having a political representation. I blame that bloody rastafarian, things have never been the same since they let him in. Oh wait there was that darkie I didn’t like, you know the one with the dark glasses.

Heaven help NZ if the Greens and the Maori Party end up with the balance of power. We will be the laughing stock of the World.

I thought so, it was those bloody tree huggers whom she is angry with, phew still room for a good socialist in there yet.

As for MMP, the last great two minority govts were indeed the National/Muldoon years. Bloody democracy always gets in the way of a good argument.

1978 Election:

National Party: 680,991 (votes) or 39.8%, seats = 51
Labour Party: 691,976(votes) or 40.4% , seats = 40
Social Credit: 274,756 (votes) or 16.1% and only 1 seat.

Hang on a bloody minute, so more than nearly 11,000 people voted Labour but they got 11 seats less, yeah real democracy there Marie.

it gets better for Marie in the next election which saw Piggie get back in.

National Party: 698,508 (votes) or 38.77% = 47 seats
Labour Party: 702,630 (votes) or 39.01% = 43 seats
Social Credit : 372,056 (votes) or 20.65% = 2 seats

Again Labour kicked Piggy Muldoon ass, but the corrupt system kept the old bugger in, to only nearly bankrupt us.
Social credit captured 20% of the voting public and got 2 pitiful seats, love that FPP democracy in action.

Cut the crap Marie and tell it like you see it, you don’t like people other than you having a political voice. Cow.


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