Key’s wall is giving bad face#7

the lovely and not at all hateful Naomi is at it again. Is this really a classy look for the want to be prime minister allowing such obvious expression of hate.

• Pick up your money and you get a contraception jab in the ass every 3 months

Again Lord God Emperor Naomi is telling you when you can have kids. Doesn’t the right go on about something like keep govt our of our lives, seemingly your life is no longer yours if you are unlucky enough to be on the dole or DPB according to the right.

• Food stamps – fuck takeaways, you’re getting your healthy fruit and veges mate

Again, shall we call her oh so benevolent Empress, the health of the nation is your concern, oh no that’s right, just those she wants to think she has the right to control.

• You don’t get to handle your funds – money is divvied into the things you need. No more, no less.

What a total and utter bunch of crap, but it gets better;

• No getting your car out of jail when seized for parking in a ‘no parking zone’. (Why the fuck are our taxes going to that anyway?)

Funny the only car I have seen parked in a ‘no parking zone’ recently was a very late model Land Rover with a suit jumping out and conducting a very long coffee lunch with some folk. He’s allowed to and the poor not.

Again people like Naomi reinforce my views that as much as they want the state out of their lives, they are more than prepared to be judge and executioner over those less fortunate than themselves. It’s a very un-classy look with the want to be prime minister’s face(book) is plastered with the hate speech that is seemingly in support of him.

Who the hell gives Naomi the right to think she can tell others what to do and how to do it? Who made her lord god all bloody mighty.

Stand for Parliament love with those attitudes to the fore (not hidden in yet to be released policy) and lets see how many vote for you. Cow.


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