The blogosphere in a tizz


What, may those without a blog ask, is that graph all about. I’ll tell you.

Say something, that the right doesn’t agree with at Kiwiblog, using a real name and link to a valid blog and watch the stats go through the roof – boy they are an excitable lot aren’t they. I can see where the visitors are coming from and the spike was not leftist mutual admiration, it was predominately from kiwiblog. That’s not to say the lefties at that blog don’t jump from there to here. But the comments about me at Kiwiblog confirm that they have been visiting and not liking what they see – shame, I aim to please.

I don’t have a lot of visitors, the numbers aren’t in their thousands, but they aren’t also single digits, that’s the sort of traffic it generated when we questioned the neutrality of the Herald.

As I said this is my way of venting my spleen about the world around me without hopefully hurting anyone, but I get enough visitors to encourage me to carry on. But the likes of that spike today (28feb) was a very funny observation of what can happen when you say something those on the right don’t like, all in a tizz.

Of course I was accused of running a ‘pseudo-intellectual’ blog. There is nothing pseudo-intellectual about this, however without wishing to denigrate huge sections of the community like Garth George does with his hateful dogmatic christian distain of the greens, lefties and the homosexual community, I try to have a view on things, who doesn’t?


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