another day another poll…

I’ve been moaning about these when Labour had 10pt leads over National and I’ll keep repeating them when National has a 10pt lead over Labour, what in the world is conceivably even slightly interesting or useful with yet another poll out today.

Why do we have so many polls, except to keep;

a) people employed at the thousands (seemingly) of poll companies
b) the media something to beat on about
c) something for both parties to either enjoy or moan about.

Polls 36, 24, 12 or even 6 months out let alone 3,4,5+ a month are meaningless and in my opinion serve only those in the polling companies and media. I have no doubt that they influence the public, once on a roll, it is easy to presidential and in command, while those on the receiving end are the subject to media speculation.

Just look at the media frenzy around the ‘we won’t mention it’ leadership murmurings that, lets face it, are only coming from the media. There is no body in Labour suggesting a leadership change, there is no Labour supporter swell to change the leader, the only ones ‘not talking’ about it are the media.

Boy do I have a thing about the media in this country, and it’s getting unhealthy. Why the hell should I bother with them, except I have seen how good (and bad) it can be overseas and I am sick and tired of putting up with the slop they try to palm off on us as Journalism.

By far and away the quality journalists these days are in camp with the plethora of quality magazines we have in this country. Idealog is without par in this country for it’s mix of beautifully designed presentation with in depth journalism. North and South has always been at the forefront of journalism (for good and bad reasons), yet their recent redesign has given the mag something extra, which is bringing it right up in my estimations. Metro has always been unashamedly an Auckland mag, and for that reason apart from a fleeting glimpse, who really cares what goes on up there in the land of the ever expanding motor-way. I’m getting off track here, and will be posting soon on this topic soon, but it shows a clear difference between the two branches of the journalistic profession.

As for tomorrow, I have no doubt there will be another poll from someone or something, failing that the huge number of political journalists will find something to say, even if there isn’t something to be said.

Update, of course I forgot about the TV3 poll that also came out today, silly me.


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