CCC update

From sources in CHCH, it seems that Barry Corbert claims that his condoning of the murder of a young boy for tagging was taken out of context, and apparently he’s said sorry?

Whom did he apologise to and when, is what I’d like to know? As for the CCC, I haven’t heard a single thing from the council over it’s reaction to Mr Corbert’s comments. After emailing every council member, I would have thought I would have gotten one “Dear… we have taken on board your concerns…”

But no I still haven’t heard a single thing, so taking the silence as an indicator, it appears that the Christchurch City Council condones the actions of the man who allegedly killed a young boy for tagging. Very bad form CCC. Mind you look at that council and you can see where this mentality comes from, poor bloody Cantabrians.


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