Correct me if I am wrong but…

TV 3’s sensational revelation that John Key is so popular that a visit to Auckland University by the National leader didn’t even draw a protest.

Why would it. National have sucked up to the electorate and decided that it would be easier to go back on ‘socially irresponsible’ policy and keep interest free student loans and take their sucker vote.

But this is the bit that I might need correcting.

“You know you are a popular National Party leader when you can head to Auckland University’s student orientation without a protest – even the guy with the worst mullet imaginable seemed to embrace John Key.”


This piece by Duncan Garner 3News’ political editor was of course full of glory about Mr Key, shaking babies (well they are students after all) with no policy in sight. But if I’m not wrong the so called mullet Key was talking to was a Westpac Bank employee dressed in ‘Westie’ garb as their promotion to grab student clients this year, ‘WestiePac’.

So shock horror John Key is on campus talking to a banker and not looking like a nob.

I might be wrong, but if not, what another piece of disingenuous journalism in NZ.



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3 responses to “Correct me if I am wrong but…

  1. ah Duncan Garner, the man who thought GWB was actually complimenting him on his Kmart suit, the man whose own colleagues refer to him as Dumc*nt Garner, the man who roundly criticized Clark for “interefering” by denouncing Bainimarama’s military takeover

  2. Sprout,

    So poor was one of his reports last year, I sent a quick ‘concerned of…’ emails off to TV3, and they sent it on to him.

    The reply was priceless. Words to the effect “Who is this guy, I don’t even know him”. As if that is important, and somewhat incomprehensible, but funny. I actually think he’s getting better?

  3. yeah Garner really is priceless.
    now i wonder what will be made of Key trying to sack journalists?

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