While I’m on topic – tagging

Is it just me or has the TV media done one hell of a con job on the public. Brown faces are demons and White ones are unfortunate ‘victims’.

Ow, look at that, I’ll try that again.

Last week saw the most amazing juxtaposition of evil in NZ. A documentary on TV1 called “Real Crime: Beyond The Darklands” with the tag line “Unveiling the Predators among us”. This from the shows blurb.

“How do people become murderers? Are they born with some kind of rogue gene for evil?”

I think it was the promo for the episode on Taffy Hotene , when were were invited to look into the ‘eyes’ of a young Maori killer. You know the show, we all saw the promo all week long, where it paused the video and claimed (with young Maori face frozen) “that is the moment” you saw evil, or words to that effect. This was a portrait of how a young Maori boy could rise to be so bloody evil.

But then at the end of the week we were treated to the ‘fears, concerns and regrets’ of a destroyed man. Tv3’s John Campbell Live show had an interview with the alleged killer of 15-year-old Pihema Cameron. This man is obviously shaken and distressed at what has happened, but is scared for his family. WTF!!! Are you taking the piss TV3. What about the family that has lost a young boy – forever!!! What about their pains and concerns. The perpetrators family will see him again if he does time (not if Barry Corbert of the CCC is on the jury – he’ll get off), but that young boy is dead for good (apologies to those whom believe in an afterlife).

If there was ever an attempt to curb the course of justice, anyone watching that show whom might be on the jury will now have empathy with this guy. So we demonise the young Maori boy and try to humanise the white businessman for his crime of murder.

So once again in NZ the media has drawn the battle lines and it’s all too easy to see who is the good guys and who is just plain evil.



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2 responses to “While I’m on topic – tagging

  1. The Good guys are the ones who don’t spray paint other people’s property and call it art.

  2. Actually, I find thousands of fag end dropped by filthy faggers who think the world is their ash tray more offensive than tagging.

    Good guys are in the eyes of the beholders. The people who built those tilt slab business monstrosities along Bealey Ave have more to answer to than taggers.

    Banks and his “pave Auckland” campaign will do greater damage to the environment than taggers.

    But each to own.

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