Free speech is dying… argh – dramatic stagger… argh.

Well the fight to keep free speech is dying according to Psycho Milt.

There was a rally in Auckland today in which a couple of hundred concerned citizens turned up to er -um exercise their free speech. From what I can tell there weren’t any storm troopers in vans whisking people off to unknown places for exercising their freedom of speech.

I find it a little hard to believe that this bill (Electoral Finance Bill) which was meant to be the end of ‘free speech’ and thus the very fabric of our democracy could only muster a protest of a couple of hundred dear souls (good on them for protesting). A city of well over 1million people (finger in side of mouth mwahh ha ha) can only muster a couple of hundred. This was meant to be the end of NZ, how come there weren’t tens of thousands on the street, why wasn’t the whole bloody country out on the street.

Oh that’s right because just like the so called ‘anti-smacking’ bill, the hysteria surrounding the misconceptions of the bill have been just that, misconceptions. The sky hasn’t fallen, the world hasn’t ended. The political blogosphere is as active now as it was before the bill came in, and people are still allowed to say what they want to say.

We are a very reactionary lot aren’t we. I have no idea why people were so bloody stupid as to believe that NZ was going to end, mind you there were some people that built bunkers and stockpiled food for the millennium (another day in the life of humanity).


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