there’s a policy brewing in there somewhere.

The only problem is where and when.

Typical of their high poll rolling days, National is yet to announce the majority of the policies that will take them into the election. Which of course is a funny thing for the voter who wants to know what Key and the National party are all about.

We know they aren’t the Brash style of National, however what is the Key style except for branching out into the internet ether and sending out the most confused and mixed messages.

Today for example, National (in typical fashion and for the sake of being heard) announced that they “will make a significant increase in funding for agricultural research and development, but it does not support the model announced by Labour today.”

Labour announced today a $700 million boost for R & D funding, which would rise to $1 Billion over the next 10+years. This it seems on the face of it is a good thing, I only wish the private enterprise would do the same, then perhaps some of our best and brightest wouldn’t shoot off to OZ (or wherever).

But in haste to be heard saying something on the topic, National have shown once again that they aren’t prepared to show sod all policy until right up to the election. I guess they are wishing that Key’s smile will get them to the policy releases and then momentum will win them the election?

National will “be rolling out a comprehensive research and development policy closer to the election”. So that’s it you have nothing, yet again. Bit hard to see what I am meant to be voting for, if all I’ve got is the “I don’t like Labour any more” attitude.

Show us your policy. How long have you been in opposition now? Well all of the 2000s that is, and you don’t have a policy on R&D funding. That’s one hell of a long time to be in opposition and not have a policy on something that is pretty close to the heart of increasing productivity in NZ. It’s one hell of a long time to be able to go up and down the length and breadth of the country and talk policy and find models of funding that would constitute a solid policy for growth.

No, instead it’s easier to bag the govt and the apparent loss to the country of our brightest and best to Australia.

Come on National, free speech and democracy is alive and well in this country, show us your policy?

{side gripe. One rather large policy announcement by the govt today and seemingly not a mention on the front page of the Herald’s web site. It seems Catherine Zeta Jones’ sexy image rates higher than R&D in NZ – but you all know my continuing moans about the Herald – paper of record don’t you know. Imagine being overseas and quickly looking in on a web cafe at the Herald’s site to see this announcement and think, if this is good, I might just come home again soon}. Just a side gripe.


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