It’s policy of sort – the claytons policy

With regard to the size of bureaucracy in New Zealand, John Key was once again in the papers with a very muddled message.

“In a speech today, Mr Key pledged to cap the number of public servants at their current level and said he days of a growing public service were over.”
Over the past eight years the bureaucracy has grown out of all proportion to those parts of the state sector that actually service the public.”

What no slash and burn? If bureaucracy has ‘grown out of all proportion” why isn’t there room for a trim Mr Key?

So either you agree with the size of the bureaucracy or you don’t, and if you don’t nobody is indispensable, trim some of the fat.

Or is this a simple case of saying something to look like something important is being said, without actually saying anything, least of all policy. Mind you after the two weeks he’s had, he could do with saying simple easy things. I’m still waiting for the rebuttal from Key that he didn’t actually say “I firmly believe we have enough bureaucrats to do the job“. There will be a denial in not time what so ever. Because what he’s actually saying is that, bureaucracy isn’t to big, and obviously was severely understaffed, becuase if to get to the right level it is at today, with a blowing out of public service numbers over the past few years, some catching up was needed.

Or are you just being a talking head today Mr Key?

Boy is that man confused.


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