No wonder why he’s gagged

It’s been well know that since 26 September 2006, on the tax payer gravy train Brian Connell has been gagged from speaking in Parliament, buy the very party which is supposedly the champions of free speech and democracy.However despite his inability to do anything in Parliament, he’s remained with his nose in the public trough ever since.

“The suspension has left Connell with little ability to work effectively as a local MP. He attends select committees and Question Time but is given no speaking slots by his party, cannot attend caucus or other official party functions, and did not turn up to the party’s annual conference.”


I know the guy hasn’t had much to say in recent YEARS, but surely if you are approached by at TVOne News journalist with a camera, you don’t tell him to “Piss off”, and then accuse the state broadcaster of being biased and for harassing him. It’s really not a good look.

I thought the question was valid. Was he taking his wife on the Junket to Eastern Europe? I have no problem with him or anyone else going on these types of trips, they probably do more good than the public cares to realise.

However the issue of taking his wife at the expense of the taxpayer is quite different. Can we assume from the stupid behavior that he is? Who knows?

So this is what you get up to all day Mr Connell, walking the corridors of Parliament. Still the kind folk at Kiwiblog would forgive you, but the supposed Civil Servant is for the chopping block – bloody hypocrites.

{cheers to for clip}


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