Bugger me Free Speech and Vandalism is alive and well in NZ

This is a giggle, seems I have picked a fight with the folks at Don’t Vote Labour.

The latest addition to their site is the supporters pictures, and apart from one very ernest looking young lady sitting with a blank red sheet (the symbolism alone would make you shake in your shoes), the rest a good old acts of free speech/vandalism (I’m not to judge on that one).

But has anyone picked the irony, that in this so called Dark Ages of democracy and freedom of speech in NZ, that th very freedoms they are claiming to have lost are being exercised, if not in an illegal manner. The first is some sort of ‘cool’ txt type speech. If it was me, I’d be just hoping to go back to school to learn the basic laws of capitalistation and period insertion.


Now I am all for public acts of democracy, but I do hope it was big fat chalk they were writing in, or it’s just simply vandalism. If I was to walk down the streets of CHCH (apparently the photo is from Ilam) and paint my name, it would be called tagging and a bad thing. Still you gotta love the freudian slip, why isn’t it in black of blue (but to reinforce in the swinging voter the red imagery is a little strange).

The second, well that’s just oxymoronic, is freedom of speech alive and well or isn’t it? If it isn’t why did you get away with this, why was it up long enough to have a pic taken of it, come to think of it, why didn’t the storm troopers prevent you from such wanton acts of sign writing. Still it’s a shame to see the death of freedoms. Long live muzzled silence (bugger did I just say that out loud – they’ll be coming soon to get me, tell my kids I loved them…)

PS Nice Labour red paint – doesn’t anyone want to enforce the symbolism of death and use Black for pity’s sake?


And finally, it would be a real shame to protest the death of democracy and not get in the way of decent public safety messages now wouldn’t it? At least they left the red paint at home, shame they had to break the law to exercise their rights. It’s also a shame for the poor rate payers of Rodney District whom have just had their taxes and rights trampled on.


Sure, I’m to a certain extent playing into their hands by putting their images up here. But I guess if you are a swing voter and see this blog, then you are half way intelligent to figure our for yourself if the words you are reading are as a result of the death of democracy and freedom of speech. If you believe their sentiments, then you are already converted, and of course if you are like me and continue to exercise ones freedom of speech, you probably will think these are just plain silly.

When I saw the “supporter’s photo gallery”, I was kinda hoping to be titilated by images of DPF on the steps of Parliament Not practicing his right to free speech, or some hot young thing with a “DVL” tattoo, or even some angry repressed citizens mooning the Beehive etc. Still they have a few Ideas now.


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