How do you solve a problem like China – Peter? (well it almost rhymes)

This from today.

“United Future leader Peter Dunne has turned down a trip to China for the free trade deal signing to protest the treatment of Tibetan people”

Good for him, the only problem is that it’s political wanking (in public). You see he supports the Free Trade deal we are trying to broker with the Chinese, I would also assume that he’s a supporter of Chinese made products. I’m guessing there’s a MacPac Chinese “NZ” made product somewhere in one of his cupboards at home?

What bothers me about this whole China is so bloody naughty thing, is that we are simply being hypocritical about the whole deal. China should not be in Tibet – simple. But if we were serious about this, then to simply raise your fist at the next olympics in solidarity with the Tibetans (al la Mexico 1968 which was of course meaningful protest), is hypocrisy. Sure you have the right to say things are wrong, but you are there supporting the Chinese govt by participating in the olympics.


Unlimited magazine did a very good article about Kiwi firms manufacturing in China (and good on them I suppose – in the classic Sienfeld “not that there’s anything wrong with that”).

The problem is of course for every dollar that is spent on Chinese made products you are of course endorsing the Chinese govt and all of their hideous human rights abuses that entails. Me, well I guess I’m a little guilty, in that the banner image for my Dunedin Stadium blog is of the ‘birds nest’ stadium for the main Olympics events. But then that’s just dammed fine architecture and I’m not buying anything off them – well I try not to.

Don’t get me wrong, I really like Chinese people (all or most people in fact), but there are governments and regimes which need removing (yeah right Sadam and Al Quieda), and trading with them, indeed increasing their economy through foreign trade exponentially is one of the shallowest form of western snobbish hypocrisy known today.

So good on Peter Dunne for worrying about the Tibetans, I just hope he doesn’t vote for a free trade deal and that he doesn’t buy Chinese made, and that he doesn’t watch the Olympics.

Human Rights Watch has a special China Olympics site up and running, shame it’s a little light on facts etc, still I guess that’s what Google is for?


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