It wouldn’t be CHCH without the Din of the exhaust

I guess it could have been one of those departing moments in my life, when I actually became of another generation from those younger than me. Just as my folks were baby boomers, and I Gen X, thus Gen Y or Gen I (in reference to the apparent cult of the individual), has vastly different aspirations and ideals from me.

One of these is quite evident most evenings in CHCH. The ‘boy’ and ‘girl’ ‘racer’ phenonemon that sweeps CHCH most nights, is just bloody silly. Sitting 3 blocks from ‘Nancy’s Corner’ in CHCH the constant din of those bloody mufflers, the non too infrequent squeal of wheels and the all too familiar yells and screams, is a full time reminder of the youth of today and their peculiar obsession with cars.

Bugger that I’m being too generous, what a complete bunch of social misfits. To lower one’s car to the road, and seemingly one’s seat even closer to the road does not make you cool, or unless that is you want to look like you suffer from one of the various forms of dwarfism out there. I would have thought that a prerequisite for cool driving is to not look like your grandmother looking through the steering wheel to see out the front window. Also what the F*** is up with the “phhhhht” of the blowoff valve. It sounds like you car can’t handle revs and red lines at anything over 30km/hr, they don’t put them on F1 cars, and you don’t get any f***ing cooler than a 2.4 ltr V8 doing 18,000rpm producing 750hp – not 35rpm.

Also a 1985 Civic is still ‘YOUR MUMS CAR’ or it should be.

Still if you are white, tattooed, 21 going on 15 are skinny as a rake and have one freaking large chip on your shoulder, what else is there to do in CHCH except do laps around Hagley Park half out of the window with a fag in your mouth and two fingers in the shape of a pistol out the window – you’re so bloody cool.

Still in the 15mins I sat outside Nancy’s Corner tonight, of the hundreds of cars which sped with much power away from the roundabout racing each other, did I see one cop car, or even on stationary speed cam? Still next time I am clocked doing 56 in a 50 zone, I’ll be happy knowing that the Police are so concerned for the safety of the public with respect to my gay abandon of social norms.

So it’s way into the wee small hrs and funny, one would have thought that that bloody constant whine (of over limited underpowered shopping trolleys) would have got me off to sleep by now.


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