13 dead vs 2 dead (which is more important)

Well that’s a no brainer isn’t it. 2!

Every week we are reminded as to the latest road toll numbers. This weekend (pretty much an average weekend in the life of NZ) there were 2 unfortunate souls who lost their lives to car accidents. This is sad for all involved and of course a complete tragedy for all involved (including the emergency services whom had to clean up the mess).

However over that same weekend, according to the statistics 13 people also lost their lives this weekend to even more preventable causes – Smoking. Each week roughly 90-100 people loose their lives to this filthy drug habit, even worse are those who have lost their lives to passive smoking. Their deaths are no less tragic than the two car accidents where cars crossed the centre line and killed people, the passive smoker, through no fault of their own was killed by someone else’s habit.

the difference between the two, is each week the media manages to remind up whom and how many were killed on the road, yet the smoking deaths go unannounced.

5000 +/- deaths to smoking or 330 +/- to road accidents, yet the media is obsessed with the road toll, as is seen on the front page of the Herald today.

road toll

The road toll is tragic, however just like so many aspects of modern western living, we are bloody selective in our causes.


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