PC users just don’t get it!

In my other life as a designer and tec geek, I will actually depart from the stupid world of Politics

In an open letter to Steve Jobs about the impending iPhone2.0 (yummy 3G version), Dan Tynan of PC World magazine had some concerns about what needs to be added to the astoundingly successful iPhone. Remember in less than 1 year Apple Computer company has become the second largest smart phone telco, overtaking the opposition at lightning speed.

I don’t have an iPhone, as being a Mac guy from the off, I know that unless you have a lot of money, version 1.0 of anything from Apple has it’s flaws, which are more or less addressed in version 2.0. For instance my MacBook Pro comes stock standard with 2Gb ram, unheard of from the stingy buggers at Mac – a huge improvement.

Back to the issues raised by Dan of PC world. The first has always been one of the points of difference between Apple and the other world and it all comes down to design. Apple designed and built possibly the slickest smart phone ever first pop, it is stunning and having played with one at Apple stores in London, New York and Boston, I can confirm that it is stunning (still holding out for version 2 though). I have man fingers and txting with some of the keyboards about these days, I have a huge problem, so I thought this would also be my biggest grumble. What a waste of a potential ulcer, the keyboard took all of 2 minutes to master, that included having the 35 other people over my shoulder also wanting to play and use (yes you can use all Apple products in store – email, blog, surf, txt etc) the iPhone. So I would image that after a few days of actually owning one, I could see that the keyboard wouldn’t be an issue.

Grumble 1:

“1. Enlarge the Friggin’ Keyboard
Yeah, the touch screen is cool. And maybe the kids are down with doing the two-finger tango. But we thumb-typists are tapping our fingers in frustration.

This doesn’t strike me as a big deal to fix. Maybe one of your SDK minions will jump on it. In the meantime, may I recommend a slide-out keyboard option? The one that HTC built for the AT&T Tilt is pretty nifty (though the keyboard and the “tilting” screen are the only things that are neat about it). Even an add-on Bluetooth keyboard might work.

Think about it.”

ugly phone

Uck vs



Yes Dan think about it. The slide out keyboard is a bloody ugly design solution of the keyboard. Apple is about design, and design has driven Apple to the top of the business community in the US. Apple has recently been named by Fortune magazine as the most admired company in the world. I could imagine Dan Ives the design genius behind the iMac, iPod, iPhone, MacBook and MacBook Pro, the new iMacs, wouldn’t even pass a bad curry as ugly as the AT& T Tilt.

The whole point about the iPhone, is the design and the integration of design software and function. The iPhone should never have a slide out keyboard, it’s against the whole ethos of Apple, and clearly shows the chasm that exists between many in the PC world and those in the Apple world.

With Apple and the iPhone you can own a luxury sports supercar, with a PC smart phone you are forever driving around in a Toyota (a good one, but it’s still not the supercar).


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