There’s something screwy about this?

“A handful of protesters have gathered outside the Labour Party conference at the Town Hall in Wellington to demonstrate against the Electoral Finance Act… Organiser John Boscawen says the act limits free speech for ordinary New Zealanders”

Call me stupid, but if they are outside a Political Party conference protesting for whatever reason, isn’t that free speech?

“He says it is an issue that goes to the heart of freedom of speech and democracy but the act is extremely unclear”

Now I may not be a “simple, tongue-tied Irishman from the land of the bogs and the little people” (Seamus Finnegan in Reggie Perrin), but I know when something sounds just a little screwy to me.

Protestors protesting freely about the death of freedom of speech and democracy. WTF? Are you taking the piss or just giving it out in bucket loads?

How F***ing stupid are these people. Them an National together put democracy and freedom of speech to shame. They bloody well shouldn’t be entitled to freedoms for this brazen act of stupidity. The hypocrisy of the likes of these people and National knows no bounds. National is taking people to court and task over alleged breaches of the EFA and third party recognition, while breaking the rules themselves.

As the old saying goes, you can fool some of the people some of the time… But unless you are really fucking stupid or arrogant you can’t be fooled over the very basic fact that freedom of speech in NZ and indeed democracy itself hasn’t been taken away from the people.

Footnote to this. I notice that the very same protestors apparently with a chip on their should about not being able to be heard, were heard loud and clear at the Labour gathering today, they set off the fire alarm in an attempt to quash free speech. Funny the people bemoaning the loss of the most basic freedom of speech are more than prepared to stop others exercising this right. Bizarre?


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