How Dumb is Rugby (well the rules and commentators)

We of course all know that Rugby hasn’t a thing on Football – the beautiful game, and for good reason too – the rules.

Apart from the madness that half of the world is playing one set of rules and the other half are playing with experimental rules, the rules are bloody stupid. In the whole of 80mins of Rugby, if there is more than two ruck where players are on their feet – as per the rules, then I’ll as they say eat my hat!

The new rules has created a game of force back, you know the game we all played when we were kids. Now I don’t know about you, but I don’t pay big money to watch relatively well paid players playing a boring game of force back.

The scrum, always a mess, but the rule is that the front rows need to square and they need to hit square. All game the blues prop (Tony Woodcock) was setting with his head and shoulders on an angle and hit on the angle. The stupid and heinously over paid old rugby commentator claimed that the Auckland player has it all over his opposite. Yeah by cheating. But that’s one of the funny things about rugby, you cheat as much as possible until you are caught, then it’s called playing the game to the enth. What’s the bloody point of having a rule if you break it more or less every single scrum that is set (or ruck that is formed, or etc etc).

Stupid rule #whatever sub clause (as rugby has so many sub clauses), can’t score a try so you hit the posts. In tonight’s game, he wasn’t going to reach the try line so put it down on the post, If you are short of the line, you are short of the line.

10:34 Daniel Braid, three times in a row caught out in the ruck doing illegal things, and no card – bloody bloody lucky. How many times do you see someone infringe three times in 2 minutes more or less on their own try line and get away with it – well not the canterbury prop Flynn, who gets sin binned later in the game.

31mins Woodcock finally gets pinned for illegal scrumming, and the over paid ‘expert’ commentator says “oh he’s done nothing wrong”, but then concedes, “well he’s put his hand down”.

62min. How can a man be sent into the sin bin for ten minutes for a two armed tackle that just happened to knock a guy over. It was a good solid tackle and not a sine bin, not even a bloody penalty? Their bloody chests met, how is it a penalty? Corey Flynn you were hard done by sunshine.

68Min – Short of the line in the tackle. Called a no try, but the amazing thing was the ref talked to the captain and said “I’d like to give a try but I can’t” What the ? The RULE is if you take it into a ruck and the ball doesn’t come out then it is a turn over – how can the ref call it “harsh”? There was an attacking team (as per the old rules), but under the new rules, it’s not bloody harsh – he took it in and they didn’t retrieve the ball.

Troy Flavell caught the ball in an off side position (regardless of the reason) and that is a straight arm penalty, not a bloody scrum as dreamt up by the ref.

The last Canterbury try, was out, his foot was on the line – hence out.

I don’t like the new rules, force back is a kids game, not a professional sport, and rucks you are to stay on your feet. What ever happened to a guy on the wrong side of the ruck being moved out of the way in no uncertain terms with the boots and sprigs of the opposition.

Are the northern hemisphere teams to play under the new rules or are we to go back to the old rules?


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