Kiwiblog, our place for extremists

I have enjoyed a decent argument over at Kiwiblog, NZ’s apparent place to be for a good old political debate (well that’s the intention anyway). What usually happens is that there is an overwhelming majority of right wing (there’s a surprise – it’s their place) views, which although pretty unpalatable to me, are none the less valid positions.

However in what I see as a mirroring of the political parties of the right, the debate has become even more marginal to the right, and is now in large parts quite irrelevant to any meaningful political discourse. Despite his background and his political stance, I have a lot of time for the owner of the blog, David Farrar is on the whole a relatively balanced guy in what he allows on his blog, and there are a lot of occasions in which not only the gloves come off, but all resemblance of human decency is thrown out the window with the baby and bath water.

What has me rather disturbed about the goings on at Kiwiblog at the moment is the current poll which he is running. I’ve said it before and I’ll continue to bleat on about them, online polls on the whole are a waste of time and are so loaded that they provide bugger all in terms of genuine gauges of current political opinion.

The question itself is a pretty common styled question – your views please.

What statement best reflects your position on man made global warming?

Unfortunately Kiwiblog loads the answers one has a choice of, and is where it all falls apart and the views of the right outshine any meaningful debate. You had to pick from one of the following choices:

  • We face armaggedon if we do not take urgent action
  • Reducing carbon emissions should be the top priority of Government
  • We should reduce carbon emissions quickly enough to be seen to do our fair share but not faster than other countries
  • We should only reduce carbon emissions at a rate which does not harm NZ’s economic growth, even if we are not seen as doing our fair share
  • Global Warming may be occuring but we should do the least amount possible as it is being vastly exagerrated
  • Global Warming is a hoax and there is no evidence for it
  • The first view is of course what the right think we on the left think of Global Warming.
    Aside from the fact that the rest of the options are of course irrelevant anyway, because what we think and what the chemical and geophysical interactions of the climate do are two unrelated things (I may think I am a great fooballer all I like, evidence points to the contrary). Many on the right try to reduce the argument around climate change to that similar to religion, and that beliefs are the only things valid around this issue. We are told time and time again on Kiwiblog that this is the new religion of the left and the greens – rather strange for a group so entwined in the religious right in NZ, it’s quite oxymoronic (not to mention perplexing) that they are able to belittle the nature of religion, that is beliefs, whilst holding equally fervent views themselves?

    Funnily enough though I held out great belief in the intelligence of Humans and their better judgement, in that only a couple of people would tick the last option. To my utter astonishment (yet somewhat confirming view) 142 people chose this option. A whopping 37% of the people who bothered to vote (out of a blog whom apparently gets 1million visitors a month), belief that Global Warming is a hoax.

    Well the fine folks on the sound stage out the back of Hollywood whom staged the moon landings are in fine company then. There’s at least 142 people here in NZ, whom are for whatever reason (stupidity through to pig arrogantness), willing to stick to their beliefs and bugger the rest of us. Only 15% believe in Global Warming and that we should be making it our top priority.

    This is hot on the heels of one hell of a ding dong with the religious wackos over there whom believe in hitting a child among many of their other dogmatic blinkered views. This is also a place where reducing the arguments to that of racially loaded, homophobic and often xenophobic insults from particular individuals. This is also a place where to be left is to be a Socialist, as if that is a bad thing, where name calling members of parliament is seen as some sort of clever contortion of wordsmanship.

    I used to participate at lengths in threads over at Kiwiblog, however as this place is now the uninhibited domain of the eternally stupid and quite radically (religious) right, it’s no longer a place for a decent fight, even leftist elements have been reduced to a few characters whom dip their toes in the cesspit of abuse and unconstructive argument.

    As long as these sorts of polls are taken over there, and while meaningful debate is continually hijacked by the religious and extreme right, then there is bugger all option for Kiwis to indulge in meaningful political discourse over at David’s place any longer.

    For me this is all mirroring the current political climate, in which the views of the left and the right are becoming increasingly marginalised, where reasoned debate and conviction have been thrown out the window.


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