You Fat Bastard – another bloody poll

I really hate online newspaper polls (as has been mentioned over and over again), as they often are poorly worded and pander to interest groups and the lowest common denominator.

The latest conducted on Fairfax’s website asks a question in response to the story that tough government regulations are about to come in controlling the health standard of food to be sold in schools.

The nub of the matter is that kids are getting fat, for what ever reason, the food, the lifestyle etc. One way to combat this problem (and it is a very very serious problem), is to control the source of the food being sold at schools. How can this be an issue, if your kids are going to go to school and the food they eat there is going to be healthy, how the bloody hell is that a problem.

But oh no, by lunchtime (irony?), over 2000 of you miserable bastards out there voted against the idea, believing that the govt had no place in policing food. Fair enough, what business does Govt have preventing huge spending by the health system in years to come when all the fat bastards out there (no offence intended to those with genuine weight problems as opposed to lazy living) need full on medical treatment for the damage they ave done to their bodies.

The govt already regulates smoking, drinking, driving speeds, drugs, guns etc, as these can cause serious harm to oneself and others. But the ignorant, more bloody likely the arrogant, don’t like the govt telling them that the shite they are stuffing into their gullets isn’t good for them, because after all these people are nutritionists and health officials, they know best. These people know that the crap they are ingesting isn’t bad for them, and that it’s ok for the govt to pay your medical bills at the end when you are suffering type 2 diabetes, or heart disease etc.

Having been to Disneyland last year, I have seen first hand the horrendous harm being fat and eating shite can do to one’s self. Our 18 month old boy was in a buggie for a lot of the time (don’t want to loose him in that crowd), but there is something seriously wrong with society when there are more fat middle aged people (not old, but also some young) in buggies than there were babies, becuase they were too fat to walk – at bloody Disneyland.

Those 2000+ people whom chose that option need their bloody arrogant heads read, because if they don’t think this is happening in NZ, just take a good look at the kids of today. Their body shapes (in particular young girls) are radically different from even just 15 years ago. 12-17 year old girls shouldn’t have beer guts or resemble a 5 month pregnant person, but they do, and it’s very sad.

Sure parents need to be doing something about it, so do schools and so does the government, because this ‘you can’t tell me what to do’ attitude is the short rope to a society that doesn’t give a shit about much, in the least their most precious thing of all – their health.

Bloody polls


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