John Key has powers greater than God.

According to National’s glorious leader, Labour has failed to keep touch with the voters and has done nothing to control interest rates and the rising price of Petrol.

Two issues. If National wins (on no released policy) Key will borrow (foreign) money to give tax cuts. This has two problems, it further places NZ at the burden on foreign markets and secondly which is the most disturbing, tax cuts if too big are inflationary, thus interest rates need to be high to combat inflation, thus eroding or null voiding any likely relief from tax cuts. With high inflation and thus high interest rates, the dollar stays high from foreign buyers of the Kiwi dollar.

Vicious circle of lies Mr Key.

But the most amazing thing of all, by his statement, Mr Key somehow thinks the Kiwi govt can control the rising price of crude oil.

John Key is a lying delusional bastard. A country with 4 million people and even less natural gas and more or less no oil CAN NOT control the price of West Texas Crude, APEC crude or North Sea Brent Crude.

Considering that we have no ability to control these markets and when things like heavy speculative buying by hedge funds in May 2008 pushed the price of crude on US markets to record highs, I’d love to see the deity like power of Mr Key and his ability to protect Kiwis from the rising price of oil.

You are either an all powerful being with supernatural powers from another world, or you are a pathological liar who needs his ass kicked.

I’ll go with the liar option.


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One response to “John Key has powers greater than God.

  1. I agree, John key cannot change anything, he will make matters worse, as greedy nationals always do.

    See site

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