Poll shows we’re still smacking…

and I bet if we commissioned a poll, I bet we would find that despite;

a) a 50/70 and 100km/hr speed limit, that we still break that, or
b) a ban on illicit drugs we continue to take them, or
c) a ban on kiddie porn, people still access and create it.

Just because we break these laws of the land, are they to be over turned?

In their continuing fight to, well, bring back the biff against kids, the weirdoes over at Family First have released the results of a poll they commissioned on smacking children.

In the week in which it was revealed that Chris Kahui was not the killer of his two infant twin boys from family violence, these fanatical followers of the ‘might is right’ philosophy of life just won’t give up.

I am starting to have nothing but contempt for these followers of the dogma of the bible, their ‘old fashioned is best or I have no idea how else to parent’ supporters.

The bible has bloody passages advocating the murder of people, are we to take this up next?

I am sick of Bob McCoskrie and his cohorts, bloody well give it up and we will eventually stop hitting our kids – the most precious and vulnerable members of our society.



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2 responses to “Poll shows we’re still smacking…

  1. undergroundnetwork

    Hi there,

    Great post, you hit the nail on the head. Well several nails on the head, with only one hammer blow!


  2. .. and most of those nails were on you own head. Well done.

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