Kiwiblog, land of extremists

A post by David Farrar on kiwiblog about an apparent ‘doctored’ image of a father and son being killed by Israeli bullets, illustrates to me how callous and demented we have become, when we want to be the ones who are ‘right’.

I raised the point, that despite your views of this image and the hole conflict, there are in fact very few winners in the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, and that the pain, suffering, mutilation, emotional scaring and ultimately death of thousands upon thousands of children in this region is a terrible thing.

But boy oh boy, did that bring out the nastiest aspects of our human psyche. My comment was apparently from a hater of Israel, a conspiracy theorist, part of the vast left wing propagandists machine.

It’s unfortunate that the deaths of thousands of innocent children is so easily swept aside in the points scoring that goes on in blogs. Further it’s bloody repugnant that someone could contort the argument in such a way as to introduce these ideas of conspiracy and propaganda.

Talk about taking the tar brush and applying it liberally across a whole profession, this was in reference to journalism in general seemingly who are, “lying scum that pretend to be objective reporters of the news, and are responsible for so many deceitful politically motivated scams upon the gullible public”. But that wasn’t enough, Global Warming and Fidel Castro got a mention. But apparently I’m a “standard left wing Israeli hating fanatic”, despite the fact that I’m not and mentioned that in my post. My point had nothing to do with sides, except the one that involved considering the pain and suffering that so many children are put through every day in the name of ‘right’ and ‘wrong’.

With comments towards the innocence of children and the pain they are feeling, some one used the erm “there isn’t a child alive…”, to which some cold hearted bastard replied “they would’ve already strapped a bomb to themselves, killed a bus load of Jews and, according to arabs are now martyrs”.

Yet another piped in with this appalling comment

“If the Palestinians had no weapons, there would be no war.
If the Israelis had no weapons, there would be no Israel.”

and yet another who disagreed with the suggestion that Israel may have not been so innocent with their ‘doctoring’ of imagery after 9-11, came back with this reply “What kind of dim witted knuckle dragging neanderthal so faithfully believes in such unsubstantiated bullshit”.

I can not believe that the pain and suffering of all of the children in this region can so easily be washed away with cheap political point scoring. The ability to reduce the argument to that of ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ when clearly there are so many who are right and wrong and an undeniable number of children whom have had their innocence ripped from them in the face of the horror of war.

Recently Kiwiblog got it’s knickers in a twist when someone over at the greens suggested that Kiwiblog is a place for extremists. While there are a large number of right wing stirrers, there certainly are a large and vocal right wing element that can only be described as extremists.

Anyone who wishes to denigrate the pain and suffering of so many children, because you want to score cheap political points over a blog with such views, is extremism.



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4 responses to “Kiwiblog, land of extremists

  1. QoT

    “*headdesk*” is not sufficient to describe my reaction to the “If the Palestinians …” comment.

  2. Rocket Boy

    Me thinks the best thing to do on Kiwiblog is just say your piece (ie your initial comment on the fake photo post) and then add nothing else after that.

    Many of the right wing ‘contributors’ (I was going to say nutters but then I am lowering myself to their level) are just gagging for a fight and by arguing with them you just fall into their trap.

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