National Lies – again

So they want to give Doctor graduates buckets of cash (wipe the student debt) as incentive to stay in the country to work.

On the face of it, seems logical. Doctors are leaving this country in huge numbers, there’s a massive shortage of doctors in the country, so give them the incentive they can’t resist – wipe their student loans.

Several problems with this though. Firstly the massive inequality of the idea. There are shortages in a wide range of important professions, do we extend this to nurses and other technical medical staff, teachers etc. Secondly, as anyone who has been to university knows, the student debt isn’t just spent on tuition. When Labour introduced the interest free component of student loans, this was morally repugnant, free money for beer etc. Doctors are not to be offered free money to put towards cars, ski weeks, drinking, drugs and all the other cool stuff that students spend their money on. So National wants to give money to these people only.

Again on the face of it, chronic doctor shortages as they all shoot off overseas when they graduate, this could be a great way to get them to stay in the country. The only problem is that they aren’t buggering off overseas. National is lying to you AGAIN.

From the Dominion Post today

“Three out of four junior doctors are still working in New Zealand five years after graduating, a Dominion Post investigation has found”

Turns out that the Dominon Post’s investigation pointed out huge holes in the lies of National, that all junior doctors are graduating and leaving for Australia or other better paid locations.

Thank you Dominion Post for doing exactly what a newspaper should, and instead of printing the lies and outright untruths of the bleating and chest beating politicians, get behind the story to the truth.

So if Labour was morally repugnant in offering interest free student loans for graduates staying in NZ, National is just out and out vote buying. It’s not the expose of the century, but it’s a bloody well done job.


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