National is taking you for a fool

Policy Policy Policy,

to misquote a very annoying VP at Microsoft whom infamously danced, screamed and sweated across the stage at a developers conference uttering “Developers, developers, developers….”

So with an election on the horizon, literally months away, and the public are expected to be able to understand what the parties stand for (some change their spots overnight – National and Student Loans), it’s not too much for the public to know what the leading party is planning for the country.

I mean it’s not as if we want to know where they live and what’s in their bank accounts, we want to know which direction they are going to take the country in, what do they have in mind for education (in the past they’ve adopted radical right wing policy that the public couldn’t stomach), health (again they have had ideas which in the past have grated the kiwi psyche), the economy, foreign policy (past National people wanted to go to war against Iraq), the environment (very recently the leader John Key thought global warming was a myth), and so on and so forth.

It’s not expecting too much to know that if you get our vote, what the hell are we voting for? At the moment they are riding high in the polls, because;

A) People are wanting a change, and some really don’t like Labour,
B) They have no policy that could potentially put us off (or get us excited).

They are not high in the polls because we know which direction they are going to take the country, except something about tax cuts, borrowing to pay for it (which as we all knows sets interest rates higher through increased inflationary pressures, greater reliance on foreign banks and generally less money in your pocket unless you are a rich prick).

So, what was Nationals response to the increasing call from the left, the media and the public for them to show us policy. Give us something to think you are worth voting for. Their response from Bill English, deputy leader.

“We pick the timing – not Labour, not the media, not the public”

“You are just going to have to put up with that”

but the clincher from English to the delegates of National’s southern conference, came with this startling admission that they didn’t want to, “kill [voters] with detail, but we do want to make clear what our direction is.”

What bloody direction you sanctimonious sod? Yeah it would be terrible to know your policy, as they are obviously going to ‘kill’ some voters.

We know you want to lurch to the right, but how far, at the expense of which social policies?

National are taking you me and the whole country for a ride and taking the piss out of the intelligence of the voter. I wonder if the public dislike of Labour is so much as to forgive this condescending attitude towards the public, and if they treat us like this now, will they be this condescending towards you and me when they are in power. Given past National governments, It would be very easy to assume that yes they will treat you like this if given the seats of power – just ask the workers (removed overtime and basic rights), teachers (ignored any issues they bought up as union scare-mongering) and poor (slashed their living standards) how they were treated last National term.

Sorry National, you are treating us like morons and fools, and we bloody well don’t like it.

If you think this is the rants of a pinko commie (well yes), try the Editorial from the very conservative and rural (your constituency) Otago Daily Times (9 June 2008), entitled NATIONALS VACUUM – Ouch! These are your people and you’ve even pissed them off, lets see how far that gets ya sunshine.

lets finish as I started,

“you can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time”


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