Ten Million to hit our kids – priceless

So the evil bastards who want to hide behind the wrath of the F-ing bible want to waste 10 Million of your dollars to force a referendum. to do what, ensure clean drinking water, to improve safety of children in the community, to extend free doctors visits for all children of school age, no don’t be so bloody stupid.

Family First and now National want to spend $10 Million of your dollars on a bloody referendum to allow us to beat our kids. Remember after the $10 million is spent, the government doesn’t even need to act upon this. What a complete waste of everyone’s time and effort. Get over your religious doctrines, get over your ego, and learn to parent without hitting your kids, like hundreds of millions of other parents do and DO NOT WASTE OUR MONEY ON YOUR FUCKING EVIL CRUSADE.

The reprehensible bastards, you all need a wall. Key you evil little worm (yes that’s right you got your little hard on and in front of the camera supported this law – now you about face), could you get to the front of the line please.

You say that children need a short sharp ‘loving’ correction of their behaviour for their protection because their mental capacity responds to such stimuli. Well in that case, lets bring in a law where all caregivers of the Intellectually Handicapped Children and elderly should be able to ‘lovingly’ kit their patients, as that is the way to stop them from doing things that might harm them eh?

We’re not talking about jacking in someone for talking on their cell phone while driving, or throwing their McD’s out the window of their car or for throwing their ciggi butt out the window, no we are talking about NOT HITTING KIDS.

{So John Key, when you bring your dirty little right wing agenda into being, and we organise a peoples referendum, will you pay $10 million to have it – not bloody likely, you slimey twat.}

I’ll never be disappointed over the actions of the insanely indoctrinated religious and right in this country. The bloody children deserve better than adults wasting $10 MILLION arguing over the rights of low level violence. I haven’t done the figures, but how many more school play yards could be made safe, or computers bought, or literacy programmes indroduced, or dental health schemes, or health checks, or teachers would $10 Million buy?



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2 responses to “Ten Million to hit our kids – priceless

  1. schildan

    Ok. This is a stupid argument. You are literally saying that people should not be allowed to vote. If you disagree with their beliefs, fine, but don’t run and hide behind the necessary cost of financing a democratic referendum.

  2. This is not a silly argument. There is a time and a place to tell the politicians what they think of their policies, it’s called an election. We thankfully have a 3 year cycle, and one is about to come up.

    Are you suggesting that if we can get several hundred thousand signatures stating that Maori should be put on reservations, then because the people have voted that’s all right? Public initiated referendum is not the way forward for democracy, you have your vote at election time, let the leaders do their thing. Public referendum is politics of the lowest common denominator.

    And are you also suggesting that $10m is good money spent, to hit kids – to wack kids? I’d much rather see it spent on the kids not on their arse by lazy and bad parents.

    Significantly the levels of parents being reported to police for alleged assaults or abuse against children is now at the level it was before this law came in. So called ‘good’ parents are not being bought before the law.

    A person who hits another regardless of age, is not deserving of any rights, voting or otherwise.

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