How many bloody votes do you want?

It seems that the right in NZ want to have more than one vote and more than every 3 years. I was always of the mind that you get to vote for your politicians every 3 years, and under MMP this has resulted in greater choice and more proportionality.

However the right and the religious extremity are hell bent on legislating to hit children, and to do this they want a citizens initiated referendum (CIR). CIR should be the exception to the rule, not the ‘rule by mob’ mentality. CIR reduces the role of government to subservient puppet of the lowest common denominator. Governments have a moral, political and legislative responsibility to govern with the protection of minorities in mind. CIR allows us to put Maori back on reservations if we are dumb enough to believe a crack-pot with a good marketing campaign.

CIR reduces any legislative and economic imperatives to the sideline. I believe that there is a place for CIR, it should not be used to allow the people to hit children.

{over at Kiwiblog, boy have they got a juvenile stiffie over this issue. There was a massive response to this issue and seemingly everyone is all for CIR now. Cool, I’m going to play their game and get one started asking for a 4 day weekend – how could this fail?}

You vote every 3 years and trust governments to make decisions for you, if you don’t like them you vote for the different lot next time around.



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2 responses to “How many bloody votes do you want?

  1. Remember that CIR is non-binding. The government does not have to act whatever the results. I want to do a post on this later tonight but here are some interesting observations…

    Both major parties, and some minor, have indicated that they think the law is working well and see no need for repeal so I’m not too worried. John Key was on bFM this morning singing it’s praises, so, I guess we’ll have to suck it and see.

    If the referendum indicates a majority of New Zealanders think the law should be repealed, the government at the time will find themselves in a very difficult position. Go against the will of the people or re-legitimise child beating?

    Both potentially very damaging and will leave themselves open to a big attack from the opposition.

  2. Hey Chris,

    I don’t think it’s too big of a decision for the government. Sometimes the govt has to go against the will of the people, particularly when they have a moral obligation to protect minorities and vulnerable.

    During the Homosexual Law Reform Bill process, the religious right stages one hell of a hate campaign and collected hundreds of thousands of signatures (including Mickey Mouse’s). If they were to go with the so called will of the people, institutional discrimination against tens of thousands of Kiwi’s would have continued.’

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