Matthew Hooton is an idiot (version 6783.2)

According to the esteemed political commentator of the right in the Sunday Star Times over the weekend, New Zealand will soon no longer be a first world nation.

His reasoning, is that policy in NZ hasn’t reformed the country at the moment, there’s some dig in there about the amount of Kiwi’s living over seas, something about only 1 big international company, some other rubbish about lack of innovation blah blah blah.

Matthew Hooton is one of those classic political hacks known as an incompetent bastard (at least this is a personal blog, I don’t need or even be informed of the facts).

What a tosser, from his “Helen Clark is one of the worst polluters” insults through to this, this guy could talk the country into a recession, and seems quite happy that we are showing signs of such.

What a joke. Yes if the sky falls mate we might just drift out of first world status, but we’d need some serious first world air pollution to get that to happen.


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