When is one a beneficiary?

Simply ask John Key.

Working for Families package of support for Kiwi families was labelled as creating “Middle Class Welfare” and it was charged as making “New Zealand families beneficiaries” when introduced by Labour and again at the recent budget when upgraded measures were announced.

So now, closer to the election (and no closer to any half decent policy that runs for more than 2A4 sheets), National has decided to adopt yet another of Labour’s policies. I’ve lost count now of how many of these they’ve done. I mean student interest free loans were “morally wrong” but are now National Party policy (of sorts).

You see John Key’s wonderfully spectacular bag of tricks come their tax cut plan was meant to mean Kiwis didn’t need welfare. The tax lolly scramble that National was going to give out was going to mean a lot to many many kiwis. If they are keeping Working for Families, what does that say about the possible tax cut announcements.

I’ve given up at Kiwiblog, the level of hatred for those not of their ilk was just unbearable, but I’d love to see what sort of defence they have for this now. I remember over and over being told by the rabid right that WFF was one of the greatest abominations of the left inflicted on Kiwis ever – now that great leader has adopted it, I’d love to know their justification for it. This I’ve got to see.

maybe a quick peek and a wee dig then out again.

Full story from The Herald


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