National is taking the piss 2

So when is lying to the public not lying to the public.

Well apparently when it’s coming out of that festering hole of depict.

You’re giving tax cuts which the country can’t afford, well not that and massive infrastructure investment at the same time. To pay of them both you need to borrow, but according the wanker at the top, we’re not borrowing for the tax cuts, it’s to pay for the infrastructure. What a completely disingenuous twat, and I don’t mind using that sort of language with him. Does he really think we are that dumb – yes apparently. He is taking you and me for a fool.

Some other thoughts.

When did National think it was good to go into debt to pay for infrastructure? I thought government spending of this massive scale was inflationary? Seems neither tax cuts nor $5b government spending are inflationary. Despite what every economist and every stage 1 macro economics text book tells us.

When did national also care that the neo-liberal model of drug funding that is Pharmac doesn’t provide for all. Well when it’s discovered that female voters don’t like (surprise surprise) National.

National is taking the piss.


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