Exposing the truth isn’t a crime.

National may try to look even more like an ass by calling in the police over so called “secret tapes”.

Sorry, if people are in a public forum, and discussions are taped, how is this different from someone using their memory (except it’s more accurate and verifiable) or someone using shorthand scribbled notes.

Fact is National’s filthy inner thinking were exposed and just like the ‘non’ disclosure of policy malarky, people don’t like it.

Sorry, If they said and thought what they said (post lies and apologies count for naught), that is what they said. Sorry if it’s unpalatable to the public, but then so are your polcies, and seemingly the secret stuff.

This isn’t dirty politics, it’s bloody great stuff. If someone has the guts to catch you filthy buggers out, then that’s great. Just as if Labour was caught saying stuff that would startle and offend people.

I would like to give a big thank you to the person who made those recordings, you have done this country a big service. No they weren’t hiding in toilets or had private hotel rooms bugged, they eves dropped, or were privy to a conversation in a public arena.

Good on you.


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